Archive of Hale History Project Documents

The History of Hale Project developed out of a series of monthly Coffee Mornings. The first Coffee Morning held in March 2008 included a "history table" displaying old photographs and maps.  It proved very successful and at subsequent Coffee Mornings, people brought in their own photographs and old documents - and they continue to do so.  

The scanning of these items has created a large archive of material which is available at all the Coffee Mornings.  


The Project currently holds more than 3,000 scanned photographs and other material such as obituary cards, correspondence, sales particulars, etc. as well as other items such as local maps, articles written by local people, parish magazines, the Hale school log book and punishment book, pamphlets, books, oral recordings, DVDs, CD’s etc.

Subject Files:

  • Articles
  • Business
  • Chapel
  • Church
  • Documents 
  • Events (carnival, play, pantomime, fete)
  • Events (family: wedding christening burial)
  • Farming
  • Health
  • Houses
  • Institute

  • Maps
  • Military
  • Miscellaneous
  • Organisations
  • Outings
  • People
  • Pubs
  • Resources
  • Schools
  • Views
  • Wartime  

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